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Milgram's experiment.

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dijous, 27 de novembre de 2014 LAW AND CIVILIZATION LAW AND OBEDIENCE - The law is the fundament of civilization - We have to put the limit in our selfishness = THE LAW.
- Without law there is no civilization — Maybe it is not a good law, but still we have to obey — According to most of the philosophers (Socrates, Mill, Berlin, etc.).
- Law is essential to society.
MILGRAM - When you’re only part of a task, we don’t have a global vision of what we are doing • You don’t see the full consequences of your acts - When we are obeying we are bing loyal, and that’s why we don’t think in moral values or terms.
- I killed this person because the authority told me I had to.
- Authority should be responsible about what asks to society, as they know people will follow their orders.
- Being connected to an authority can be dangerous - Where are the limits of my obedience? - Authority has the power to say that you’re right by obeying —> Comfort.
- Capacity of the authority to threaten people —> People is scared of disobeying.
- If you are afraid — internal conflict - If you are forced to do it, at the very first opportunity you have, you will break the law.
- Bruno Batta — Indifference to the pain of the learner.
- WEAKNESS — We cannot overestimate our moral qualities: we would probably do the same in that situation, unless we are prepared.
- We need education to avoid to fall into obedience although it is agains our moral values.
- Our first instinct is to obey.
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