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Standard  form  conditions  in  the  European  Directive  on  unfair   contract  terms  and  the  regulation  proposal  on  a  common   European  sales  law     When  you  sign    a  contract,  it  will  be  predesigned:       -­‐General  Conditions   -­‐Specific  conditions  (What  happens  if)   Then  you  have  to  sign  in  the  bottom:  is  the  way  to  accept  the  contract,  even  if  you  hadn’t   created  or  discussed  the  contract.  Usually  if  the  contract  says  nothing,  you  are  not  supposed  to   pay  more  than  what  you  signed.   § Reading  is  not  a  condition  for  the  contract  to  be  applied,  just  signing  or   accepting  online.   BANK:  you  didn’t  discuss  the  terms  and  conditions,  and  the  person  who  signs  do  not  actually   read  them  all  (it’s  a  waste  of  time,  you  can’t  change  it  at  all!)   Standard  form:  is  one  of  the  most  important  consumer  relation  that  are  regulated  by   consumer’s  law.     Boiderplate:  list  of  standar  terms,  minor,  secondary  details.   Non-­‐negociated  contracts  (with  no  possibility  of  changing):       -­‐Safe  a  lot  of  costs:  time,  effort  and  money  to  the  firms  and  the  costumers.   What  EU  does:  -­‐>  Transparency  and  disclosure  dimension  content  on  substance  of  terms  (In   Spain  it  is  compulsory  to  sign)     Content  or  substance  of  terms  (only  for  standard  temrs,  not  for  negociated  contracts)   o o o Black  list:  if  a  given  terms  can  be  found  in  the  black  list  it  has  no  mean  at  all,  it   has  no  legal  effect   Grey  list:  we  may  assume  that  it  is  illegal  or  unfair  but  not  automatically   without  effect.  Firms  have  to  justify  why  they  use  that  term.   General  clause:  inbalanced,  dispered,  infairity.     Interpretation  the  most  favorable  way  to  the  consumer   Unfairness  of  a  term  if  it  is  considered  unfair,  consumer  won’t  be  damaged  for  it.       Transparency  clauses   They  are  not  useful   a) Consumer  won’t  read   b) If  they  read,  they  won’t  understand   c) If  reading  and  understanding,  consumer  can’t  do  anything  to  change     Shinknrap:  you  pay  now,  then  you  have  the  conditions         ...