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Consumer  Rights   General  information  recquirements   Before  entering  into  a  contract,  firms  ave  to  five  some  previous  information  about  all  topic:   o o o o o o o o o Who  the  seller  is  and  how  you  can  find  him   Price  and  price  with  taxes1   Main  features  of  the  good   Complete  hand-­‐in  policies   Reminder  of  the  legal  warrantie  +  other  extra  warrantie   After  sale  services   Duration  of  the  contract,  conditions  for  termination   Digital  services:  how  it  interacts,  protection  and  some  technical  information.   Arrangement  for  payment,  delivery  or  others2   Excluded:   -­‐Financial   -­‐Construction   -­‐Social  Services   -­‐Real  Estate  (they  have  another  legal  regulation)   -­‐Gambling   Right  of  withdrawal  and  cooling-­‐off  period  in  the  consumer  right   14  days  to  walk  away:  return  of  the  goods  and  get  the  money  back  (in  distance  contract)3   è With  any  reason,  with  total  conformance.     Shipping  cost  will  have  to  be  paid  by  the  consumer   If  the  consumer  didn’t  know,  this  14  days  start  later:   o o o o No  formalities   Seller  can  offer  you  sort  of  “vales”,  but  he  can’t  oblige  you  to  accept  them.   Consumer  has  to  return  within  14  days:  seller  may  have  to  pay  for  the  shipping  costs.     Depreciation  of  the  good:  consumer  do  not  need  to  pa  to  this  depreciation.   § Reduction  in  value  will  be  charged  to  the  consumer  unless  the  minimal   necessary  use  for  you  to  asses  if  you  like  it  or  not.     Legal  Warranties   The  EU  stablish  some  minimum  directives                                                                                                                           1 2  Consumer  need  to  know  if  the  Price  is  complete  or  there  are  extra  charges.      Information  about  TAE,  interest  rates…     3  Not  in  sales  in  shops   è Ue  wants  a  single  market  so  we  want  to  unify  all  our  criterias:  bring  and  permanize  the   same  legal  system.   Sales  on  goods  to  consumer  have  some  warranties  in  addition,  in  a  mandatory  way,  to  the   ones  previously  explained  (Expectation  Damages,  Reliance  Damages,  Liquidated  Damages,   Termination…)   Applied  in    any  sale  between  a  professional  and  a  consumer.   è Not  between  consumers  or  firms  (only  by  the  general  contract)   è Not  in  REAL  STATE   -­‐Consumer  good.   -­‐Do  it  first  and  then  delivered.     Non-­‐conformity  of  the  good   o Doesn’t  fit  the  description  said  by  the  seller  or/and  has  been  said  in   advertisement.   o Doesn’t  fit  any  accepted  special  use   o Does  not  satisfy  normal  quality  and  performance  (and  no  special  information   or  special  good  has  been  said)   o Contradict  public  statement  about  the  good:   § Only  exeption:  if  the  consumer  should  have  known  about  this,  there’s   non  “non-­‐conformity”  (OUTLETS)   Remedies:     o Free  of  charge  between  repairing  the  non-­‐conformity  or  give  a  new  one  for   substitution.   § Buyers  choose  unless  one  of  them  is  impossible  or  too  costly  for  the   seller.     § If  it  is  impossible,  delayed  or  too  inconvenient  the  return  of  the  good,   seller  may  offer  a  reduction  of  the  price.   o At  least  2  years  since  the  the  moment  of  delivering  (second  hand,  the  time  is   one  year)   If  the  non  conformity  appears  once  the  good  has  been  delivered,  the  time   issue  is  only  6  months   § After  this  tmes,  it  is  the  buyer  responsibility  to  prove  that  the  non-­‐ conformity  was  there  at  the  time  of  delivering.   Some  manufacturers  expand  the  warrantee   § Build  a  good  quality  reputation   § Signal  of  reputation  of  quality   Time  issue   o o     ...