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Ejercicio Inglés
Universidad Universidad Internacional de Cataluña (UIC)
Grado Administración y Dirección de Empresas (ADE) English Programme - 1º curso
Asignatura Information Systems
Año del apunte 2011
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IS1 – EN – Exercise 2 – Instructions IS1 – EN – Exercise 2 - Instructions Professors: Gabriel FERANDEZ BORSOT & Javier SANCHEZ URETA STUDENT INFORMATION FULL NAME Geraldine Leirós Martínez DNI or ID ____ INSTRUCTIONS * Read the instructions below carefully and follow them accurately. Failure to follow instructions accurately has negative impact on the mark. Examples of typical mistakes with this would be to create more files than requested or insert screenshots into a document different than this one.
* As you’ll see, the overall exercise consists in a set of exercises. In some of them, you should insert a screenshot which shows that you know how to do a particular operation. A screenshot is a digital photograph of what is being displayed in the screen at a certain moment. If you do not know how to make screenshots you should read the document "UIC - Screenshots explanation and how-to.pdf" which you'll find in the same folder as this document (as well as in the "Materials" section in the intranet). Please note that a lot of times there is no need to make a full-screen screenshot because a screenshot of just the active window is enough to show the required information. In "UIC Screenshots explanation and how-to.pdf" you’ll find instructions of how to capture just the active window. Being careful with this issue will prevent the file becoming too big in size and creating problems when you try to upload it to the intranet.
* Exercises that require a written answer have no length limits but you are asked to respond concisely what is being asked and no any other related topic. And you must type your answer right in the box below the question.
* Obviously not all the exercises have the same contribution to the final score. Beside the number of each exercise you can see its contribution to the final score (out of 10).
* Once you finish the exercise, check that you saved everything correctly and that the folder with your resolution contains the latest version of all the files you have used. To deliver the correct files is your responsibility.
* After finishing all the exercises follow the instructions you’ll find at the end.
* Remember that the deadline for submitting your resolution is a week after the exercise was released, just before class begins that day.
PLEASE. CHECK NOW that you have type your full name and DNI or ID in the box above, right at the beginning of the document EXERCISES 1.- (0 points) Change the name of the folder that contains this document. The name you’ll give to the folder will be your full name, according to the following structure: IS1_EN_Exercise2_lastname1_lastname2_name 1 of 9 IS1 – EN – Exercise 2 – Instructions Therefore, if your full name were “Adelina Mas Torres”, you’d name the folder as “IS1_EN_Exercise2_mas_torres_adelina”. (If you don’t have two lastname’s just use one.) From now on you’ll put all the new files and documents in this folder.
WARNING: Notice that you should close this document before attempting to change the name of the folder or the operating system will not allow you to do so! 2.- (1.5 points) Make a backup of the folder "important_docs" (which is in the same folder as this document). To make it you can use the backup software that is included with Windows XP/Vista/7 or any other of your choice. Place the backup file in the same folder (the one that contains this document) and give it an appropriate name. IF YOU ARE A Mac USER just make a full backup with Time Machine and insert a screenshot showing it.
IF YOU ARE A MAC USER, INSERT THE SCREENSHOT OF TIME MACHINE RIGHT BELOW THIS BOX (IN THE BLANK SPACE), IN THIS WORD DOCUMENT 3.- (2 points) Download Synkron software (licensed under GPL so it allows free use and distribution) and install it in your computer. (Synkron is available for both Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X, and also for Linux.) Once installed, create a new synchronization. This synchronization should synchronize the folder of this exercise, between your hard drive (as master) and a flash drive - pendrive (as slave). Perform a preliminary analysis of the synchronization. Make a screenshot showing the results of this preliminary analysis. Insert this screenshot in this document right below the following box.
2 of 9 IS1 – EN – Exercise 2 – Instructions INSERT THE SCREENSHOT BELOW THIS BOX (IN THE BLANK SPACE), IN THIS WORD DOCUMENT 4.- (1.5 points) Perform the synchronization you have configured in the previous exercise so you will see a message in the screen saying that the synchronization was completed successfully (the message should have green background). Make a screenshot showing this message and insert this screenshot in this document right below the following box.
INSERT THE SCREENSHOT BELOW THIS BOX (IN THE BLANK SPACE), IN THIS WORD DOCUMENT 3 of 9 IS1 – EN – Exercise 2 – Instructions 5.- (2 points) Download DropBox software and install it in your computer, linking it to the mail account you have at UIC. (DropBox is available for both Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X, and also for Linux.) Once installed create some folders in DropBox’s folder and make a screenshot which shows how all the folders are synchronized and up-to-date (with the green overlay in their icon). The screenshot should look approximately this way (it could vary depending on which operating system you have): 4 of 9 IS1 – EN – Exercise 2 – Instructions INSERT THE SCREENSHOT BELOW THIS BOX (IN THE BLANK SPACE), IN THIS WORD DOCUMENT 5 of 9 IS1 – EN – Exercise 2 – Instructions 6.- (2 points) Choose one of your classmates and using DropBox share a folder with her/him.
She/he should also share one of her/his folders with you. The name you’ll give to these folders will include your name and lastnames, with rules showed in the following example: a. If your full name is Estela Marinera Rabona and your classmate’s full name is Jesús Tomás Dao, the folder you’ll share with him will have the following name: estela_marinera_rabona_for_jesus_tomas_dao b. Symmetrically, the folder that your classmate Jesús Tomás Dao will share with you will receive this name: jesus_tomas_dao_for_estela_marinera_rabona After you two complete the sharing procedure you’ll be able to check how if you put a file in one of the two folders (and DropBox is running and with an operating connection in both computers), after a few seconds the file will appear in the corresponding folder in your classmate’s computer.
After checking this is working properly, you’ll have to access DropBox’s website with your user account. The easiest ways to do so is to right-click on the DropBox icon in the SysTray and choose the option “Launch DropBox website”.
Once you are seeing your DropBox account, click on “Sharing” tab to see your shared folders.
The page should look like this (approximately): Make a screenshot which shows at least the two shared folders you are sharing with your classmate and insert it in this document right below the following box.
INSERT THE SCREENSHOT BELOW THIS BOX (IN THE BLANK SPACE), IN THIS WORD DOCUMENT 6 of 9 IS1 – EN – Exercise 2 – Instructions 7.- (1 point) Using the Office Online Website search help on how to create a PivotTable report in Excel 2007. You should find specific and detailed help, with a list of steps that will lead you to create a PivotTable report. Make a screenshot showing the first steps to follow. Insert this screenshot in this document right below the following box.
INSERT THE SCREENSHOT BELOW THIS BOX (IN THE BLANK SPACE), IN THIS WORD DOCUMENT 7 of 9 IS1 – EN – Exercise 2 – Instructions 8.- (0 points) Save this document and any other file you've used in the exercise. Compress the folder that contains them all. Use the compressor you prefer among the followings: Windows XP/Vista/7 Zip folders, WinZip, WinRar, 7-zip or the Mac utility. The archive name should be the same as the folder (which if you followed accurately the directions of the step nr. 1 follows the pattern "IS1_EN_Exercise2_lastname1_lastname2_name").
REMARK: during this exercise you have installed two Softwares in your computer (Synkron and DropBox). If you don’t feel comfortable with this you can uninstall them, because you are not going to need them in this course.
Nevertheless we advise you to take advantage of this opportunity to become familiar with this kind of tools, which could help you increase your skills of information management.
8 of 9 IS1 – EN – Exercise 2 – Instructions INSTRUCTIONS TO FINISH AND SEND THE EXERCISE 1.- Perform a general review.
2.- Ensure that you have saved this document as well as all the other documents you've created or used in the exercise.
3.- Make sure the folder you renamed in the step nr. 1 contains all the documents used in the exercise.
(REMARK: the folder may also contain one or more documents of type ~$1 - EN Exercise 2 – Instructions.doc or ~WRL0001.tmp. Do not worry, they have been created by Word and they will disappear when you close the program.) 4.- Check that you have compressed the folder exactly as required: when you decompress the file it should create just ONE SINGLE FOLDER (whose name should be the one indicated in step nr. 1), which contains this document and all the other documents or files used in the exercise.
WARNING: if once you have generated the compressed file you change anything you should rebuild the compressed file again! 5.- Upload the compressed file to the corresponding folder of the intranet (folder “Exercise 2” within folder “IS1 – Assignment Drop Boxes”, in the section “Materials” of the course’s space in the intranet).
6.- Ensure that the file you have uploaded is correct. To do so, download it, unzip it, and check that it creates only one folder (with the name indicated in step nr. 1 of this document) which contains the last version of the files, with your resolution.
WARNING: keep a copy of your resolution of the exercise just in case there was any technical problem! 7.- About one week after the deadline of the exercise the scores will be published in the intranet, as “Notas parciales”. If your score appears as "NP" it means that the teachers have not been able to locate your resolution of the exercise (probably due to any technical problem with the upload). In that case send an email to the teacher explaining the situation.
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