Pràctica 2 (2015)

Pràctica Inglés
Universidad Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC)
Grado Ingeniería Telemática - 2º curso
Asignatura ICOM
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Pràctica d'Introducció a les comunicacions

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Practica 2 Lab Icom Rocco Clemente i Marc Peig Activity 2.1 Measurement of Receiver Sensitivity The receiver sensitivity of our Spectrum Analyser is -80 dBm approximately. The procedure followed was: - Setting internal SA attenuation to 0 dB not to modify the noise given by the SA.
- Setting the reference level appropriate in to be able to show the noise in the display.
- Configuring Zero Span and setting Video Bandwidth properly to be able to see the value of the noise.
Activity 2.2 Measurement of Third Order Intercept Point This procedure is useful to verify whether the Spectrum Analyser is working in saturation because the amplitude of the main peaks do not decrease when we modify the attenuation of the SA as we can see in the images attached in the next page.
N dB down Frequency (kHz) 3 dB 9,2 5 dB 13,016 10 dB 18,095 20 dB 25,714 30 dB 31,429 50 dB 41,0 Using the Matlab function [p,S,mu]=polyfit(x,y,3), we obtain the standard deviation σ = 17,9629, so that we could obtain the variance σ2 = 322,6658.