8 The false thought of minority ethnic criminals (2016)

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David Carmona Florez Criminological Lenguage The false thought of minority ethnic criminals Weekly assignment 8 It has always been said that there is a link between ethnicity and crime but, as the Home Office Youth Lifestyles Survey (YLS) demonstrate in 1995, there is not a real relation between minority groups and delinquency, actually, there is not any difference between black and white offenders.
Other studies said that white people have the highest prevalence rates, followed by mixed ethic people, and black and Asian people have the lowest ones. So the study contradicts the popular thought.
A possible reason for the exits of the belief that minority ethnic groups are more likely to be criminals is very simple. Police patrols in communities with high minority ethnic populations and black young people are more likely to be stopped and searched, only because they are more likely to be at streets when the police patrols. Because of that, people started to believe that most of black population are criminal only because they are more stopped by the police.
Another possible reason is just the racism of the police, because they distrust more of black people than white people. We can see this in another survey, in which it was asked to ethnic minority groups about their expectation of being treated worse than people of different ethnic origin by different criminal justice agencies. The results were that black people were more likely than other ethnic minorities to assume that they will be treated worse.
As we can see, black people distrust of the police and the police distrust of black people. This situation feeds racial thoughts and racial hate crimes.