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Grado Psicología - 1º curso
Asignatura tecniques de recerca
Año del apunte 2014
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Theme 1: Research in Psychology Index 1.
Aims of the research.
How is it carried out.
Results and interpretation.
Aspects specific to science.
Critical appraisal.
Approach to Knowledge A psychological phenomenon from an advertising point of view Some questions to answer 1. Which is the main conclusion? 2. Can we can make a critical evaluation of the results? 3. Are there mistakes? What mistakes can you identify? 4. We can analyze the question from the point of view of psychology as a science.
Scientific knowledge Epley, N., & Whitchurch, E. (2008). Mirror, mirror on the wall: Enhancement in self-recognition. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 34 (9), 1159 -1170.
A simple graphical approach: Which is the real result? Readings: scientific articles •Hefferen, T. M., O’Neill, T. S., & Moss, M. (2012).
Smoking-related prospective memory deficits in a realworld task. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 120 (1), 1-6.
•Perea, M. (2013). Why does the APA recommend the use of serif fonts? Psicothema, 25 (1), 13-17.
•Skoe, E., & Kraus, N. (2012). A little goes a long way: how the adult brain is shaped by musical training in childhood. The Journal of Neuroscience, 32 (34), 1150711510.
Bases of the study •What is the aim of the study? •What psychological aspect is being studied? •What kind if people is the study applicable to? •What is the justification of the study? •Is it related to previous research? How? How is the research carried out? • Where do the participants come from? • On what aspects is information obtained? • Which are the primary aspects studied and which are secondary (but probably affecting the primary ones)? • How is information obtained? • What task do the participants need to perform? • Are the participants aware of the study aims? What information / freedom are they given? • What is the role of the researchers? What do they do? Results and interpretation • What is the main output of the article? (results and implications) • Are the results conditional on something? • How are the results presented? • How are the results related to previous research? • What uses of the results are highlighted? • Is the research problem “solved”? • What are the next research steps? • Are there any aspects that can be improved in the study? Scientific reports • How is the information presented? • How much information is presented? • What is the style of writing? • How/why are the specific words chosen? • What is the use of an article? • Show psychologists read articles? • What is the use of the articles for society? ...