LU1: Brudtland (2016)

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Grado Relaciones Internacionales - 2º curso
Asignatura LU1: International Political Structure
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BRUDTLAND REVISTED Jim MacNeill 1.1. Brudtland Revisted 1.1.1. Introduction 25 years have passed since the Burdtland Commission, in 1983, presented its report Our Common Future.
Jim MacNeill was the secretary-general and member of the commission at that time.
1.1.2. Environmental Sustainability The concept introduces the ideas of: A. Living within nature’s limits.
B. Consuming at the levels of what is ecologically possible.
It is important to link the concepts of ecology and economy.
Sustainable development defined in ethical, social and ecological ways.
The concept calls for sustainable consumption, in the sense that we have to consume taking into account nature’s limits and not putting in danger the continuity of the next generations.
1.2. Stockholm Conference First time that the environmental was on the international agenda (1972).
UNEP is one of the most important agencies on environmental nowadays, and it was created during the Stockholm Conference.
“State of the World” Montreal Protocol (1987) James Lovelock invented a tool used to discover the Ozone Hole, during the 60s. In this Montreal Protocol the gases responsible of the Ozone Hole were banned, which were aerosoles, refrigerators, etc.
1.3. Gro Harlem Brudtland She was the Prime Minister of Norway in that time and was the leader of the Commission.
Environment had to be in the centre (in the middle) of all of the international policies.
1.3.1. Our Common Future The Earth is alive, and the economic system is absolutely linked to her.
1.4. IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, an independent committee conformed by 2.300 scientists from all around the world.
The first report was made in 1990, concluding that the climate has always been changing, but since the end of the 18th century, the climate is changing very fast. For the first time humans are in the base of that problem.
1.3.1. Our Common Future The Earth is alive, and the economic system is absolutely linked to her.
1.5. Rio 92 Was the first forum in which a huge number of world leaders met.