UNIT 1 Linguistics and language (2017)

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Grado Estudios Ingleses - 2º curso
Asignatura Lexicologia i Morfologia Angleses
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UNIT 1 LINGUISTICS AND LANGUAGE o APPLIED LINGUISTICS - Neurolinguistics: studies where language is stored in the brain. Right or left hemisphere.
- Psycholinguistics: tries to understand the processes that people follow when they speak or hear - Computational linguistics: studies the possibility for reproducing natural languages with computer programmes.
- Sociolinguistics: studies the relationship between language and society.
- Others: philosophy (linguistics + thought); anthropology (linguistics + culture); semiotics (linguistics + symbols).
Different dimensions of language: 1) Phonology 2) Morphology 3) Lexicology 4) Syntax 5) Semantics 6) Pragmatics LEXICOLOGY is an area of language study concerned with the nature, meaning, history and use of words.
Study of the overall structure and history of the vocabulary of a language.
Concerned with the meaning and use of words.
Study of the form, meaning and behaviour of words.
LEXICOGRAPHY is the art or craft of compiling, writing and editing dictionaries.
Theoretical lexicography: analysing and describing semantic, syntagmatic and paradigmatic relationships within the vocabulary of a language.