5 Broken Windows Theory 2 (2016)

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David Carmona Florez Criminological Lenguage Broken Windows Theory 2 Weekly Assignment 5 This is the second part of the text which explains the theory crated in 1982 by two social scientists, James Wilson and George Kelling, and which is called Broken Windows.
Community watchmen are groups of unarmed volunteers, not of policemen, which patrol a neighbourhood in order to prevent vandalism and little crimes.
They have no legal licence so they cannot use force or law to punish anyone.
Their objective is to deter people with uncivil intentions and to alert the community if someone of them has not been deterred.
In one hand I think that it would be useful to implant this measure in my neighbourhood because it would deter some vandalism and increase the safety feeling.
But in the other hand I am afraid of the actuation of these groups because, maybe, they will start to use the violence and that would be a delicate situation.
Another reason is that if there are a lot of community watchmen the number of police will decrease because “they will be not necessary” and because of that the neighbourhood will be actually not save.
To sum up, I think it will be a good idea to have community watchmen in my town, especially in summer because it is a very touristic place and to have people without uniforms controlling the streets is a good way to keep the tourists save, but without giving a bad impression of Tarragona by having a lot of police patrolling the city. Although, it must be regulated because it is difficult for someone to maintain the order if that person does not understand law and it could be dangerous if he or she starts to use violence.