Plant Biotech 1 (2017)

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Grado Biotecnología - 3º curso
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Plant Biotechnology Héctor Escribano Videos at DailyMotion; BiotecVegUdl access: pass: ubiquitinintron1 Don’t enter in the exam, but are helpful to understand concepts.
Unit 1.
Clone a gene is to isolate and copy it. So it is necessary to design a methodology to do it successfully. Then, we need to create a recombinant vector, so we can manipulate it. Most of the times, the vector will be a plasmid. That vector also must enable the gene to get activated and fully functional in the host.
Once we have that, comes the transformation into the plant. There are many methodologies to do that, but all of them use cultures In vitro. Because it is not possible to create genetically engineered plants In vivo. Therefore, protocols for plant tissue culture for the different species must be developed; as not all the species have the same requirements.
After it, we must perform what is called “line screening”. By that, we do a molecular analysis and check if the transgene is in the plant cell and check if the transgene has been successfully integrated and is able to get activated and create its product, if it is expressed.
After it, we should perform a Biochemical analysis to study the behaviour of that metabolite in the plant and see if it is being produced and at what concentration.