Banking and financial institutions - Report (2017)

Trabajo Inglés
Universidad Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF)
Grado Administración y Dirección de Empresas - 3º curso
Asignatura Banking and Financial Institutions
Año del apunte 2017
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Fecha de subida 13/07/2017
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Eduardo Pérez Sánchez UPF Banking 2017 REPORT EDUARDO WEEK 5 "Popular tiene debajo de la alfombra bastantes cadáveres y los sacará poco a poco" Rafael Ojeda, Analista Independiente - 05-05-2017, 16:00 Many technological companies in America have been giving bad results during their last “performance”, such as: Facebook, Apple,… and not only because economic struggles, if not thanks to uncertain environment as LePen or Brexit.
So Banco Popular is facing one of its most difficult struggles in last years and, for past two, its president have been doing things in the worst possible way, rising in-solvency ratio, accumulating problems and loosing part of its market value by taking bad decisions once and more.
So Popular must be sold to one of Spanish big banks in order to avoid the rescue by the Spanish government, but, before, it has the need of getting more capital and try to survive. Because perspectives to Spanish economic situation are cool and Popular must try to get this advantage, besides its intrinsic problems.
In conclusion, it must learn from past: avoiding bad quality loans, bad acquisitions and try to get more deposits and more cash in order to be more liquid, be desposed of toxic assets and be profitable again.
Eduardo Pérez Sánchez ...