Dalí (2013)

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Dalí was an artist who made a lot of works of arts but I’m only going to talk about two of his paintings were painted in different periods of his life.
First, Metamorphosis of Narcissus. It was painted in 1937 by Dalí and it belongs to Surrealism. If I chose some adjectives, the first I’d choose was “cyclic” because in this painted Dalí refers the myth of Narcissus, but he exposes his own version of the myth. I think It’s try to show the cycle of Narcissus with two similar figures. One of this is Narcissus who is looking his reflect in the water because he’s fall in love with his own reflect. He is always looking at it. And the other is an old pale and that is holding an egg. This egg is cracked by a flower. A narcissus is born from the egg. Dalí wrote a poem about this painted where he said “Gala in my narcissus”. We shouldn’t forget Gala who appears in the most of the works of art of Dalí. In this painted she appears like a narcissus.
Much later, between 1971 and 1972, Dali painted “Dali from the back painting Gala from the back”. I choose this painted because in complete different to the other. This canvas is highlighted because it shows a perspective with the reflection of the mirror. It makes me feel quite because they are in an intimate atmosphere. They’re alone and it seems that they’ve all time the time in the world. This painted usually reminds us of Velazquez and his famous painted Las Meninas, and this is natural because Dali is influenced by Velazquez because he admired him.