6.2. Post-Colonialism and Feminism (2016)

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Marta Busquets Theory of IR 6.3. Post-Colonialism 6.3.1. MAIN IDEAS • Post-structuralism shows ways of representation of the world according to dominance.
• The object of study: Relationship between West and former colonies in all the world (Africa and Latin America, mainly). There is a need to listen to the marginalised voices in world politics.
• Although the context has changed, the reality remains: A hierarchy reflecting Western concepts and understandings still exists (Eurocentrism).
• Edward Said (Orientalism): Representation of oriental societies as backward, traditional and despotic vs western societies as advanced, modernised and democratic. 
 Essentialism of identities, but are western societies homogeneous too? • The Arab World vs the Arab Spring: Authoritarianism, cultural/religious factors vs western demands and domination.
6.4. Feminism in IR 6.4.1. INTRODUCTION • Women as a disadvantaged group in world politics, both in material and value system terms.
The existence of a gender hierarchy and a system of male dominance in world politics.
• Security is a masculinist way of looking at the world. Gendered violence in armed conflicts and consequences of conflict for girls, women and families — Conflicts affect more women and children (they are more vulnerable).
• Cynthia Enloe: Bananas, Beaches and Bases: Making Feminist Sense of International Politics.
Subordinate yet vital position of women in international political order: low-paid, low-status jobs in developing countries and unequal distribution of wealth. 
 Masculinised politics: Women as diplomatic wives and sex industry around military bases.
• Idea that there are certain sectors of society that are subordinated to other sectors. In this case, women are subordinate to men in IR.