Lecture 1 (2015)

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Asignatura Biologia molecular
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2014/2015 Molecular biology Ingrid Guarro Marzoa Lecture 1: presentation • Number of lectures: Each lecture will last 2 h. There are 16 lectures: 1. Molecular biology for MDs, what for? 2. DNA from shape to function 3. Replication and the DNA copies machine 4. The human genome: complexity and dynamics 5. Transcription and RNA diversity 6. Gene control by protein-DNA interactions 7. Multilevel transcriptional control in human 8. RNA splicing and processing 9. Translation and the molecular basis of the code 10. The ribosome: a molecular translator 11. Spatial and temporal control of translation 12. Protein folding, fate and degradation devices 13. Misfolded proteins, prions and neurodegenerative diseases 14. Introduction of foreign genes in cells, animals and plants: transgenic 15. Working toward human gene therapy 16. Cancer: the paradigm of a multifactorial molecular disease.
• Bibliography: 2014/2015 • Molecular biology Ingrid Guarro Marzoa Evaluation: o 20% partial test § 20 questions-lectures from 2 to 7 o 10% test on practical activities o 70% final test § 50 questions-lectures § 10 question-clinical cases § 10 questions problem-based learning (ABP) o To consider the partial evaluations, a score of 50% in the final test must be attained o Test will be multiple choose with 5 possible options o A wrong answer will count -20% relative to a correct answer.
• Instructors: o Dra. Sara Hernández (shernandez@uic.es)àABP o MsU Xavier Roa (xroa@uic.es)àLab practice o Dra. Maria Carmen Grijota (mcgrijota@uic.es)àclinical cases o Dr. Jaume Reventós (Jaume.reventos@vhir.org)àlectures o Dr.
Martí coordinator.
Aldea (marti.aldea@ibmb.csic.es)àlectures and ...