Lecture 8 (2012)

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Universidad Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF)
Grado International Business Economics - 1º curso
Asignatura international Business Law (3rd Trim)
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Market  share  does  not  completely  define  the  market  situation  at  100%   Determination  grade  of  market  domination   o o o o o o Concentration  of  the  market   Financial  capacity   Vertical  integration  level   Demand  elasticity   Reputation  and  brand  recognize   Entering  barriers   § Most  important.  If  entry  is  easy,  if  you  increase  your  price  other  firms   may  take  advantage  of  that   Types  of  barriers   o o o o o Legal  barriers   Capacity  problems  you  have  to  make  a  big  invest  not  recordable  when  finishing  (sunk   cost)   Economies  of  scale  only  the  main  firms  get  benefied   Advantages  facilities  related  to  costs  acces  to  essencial  infrastructure  that  is  not   economically  possible  or  efficient  to  copy   Huge  and  developed  net  of  distribution  could  be  decisive  if  it  is  not  possible  to  copy     Types  of  abusing     Explotation   Exclusionary   Distortive   Exclude  or  eliminate  competitors   Price   Excessive  prices   -­‐Sgae   -­‐Compare  that  price  with   another  EU  country   Others   Excessive  conditions     Property  rights   Types   o o Ownership   Others   § Usufruct   Preditor  prices   Very  low  prices  to   eliminate   Discriminatory  prices   Different  prices  to  each   sector   Discounts   Lowering  prices   Bundle   Obligation  to  buy  all  or   nothing   Exclusivity  agreements   No  subministrate   Discrimination  prices   Other  issues     Antitrust  conditions   § § § §   Easement  some  right  to  use  someone’s  property     Mortgage  property  right  related  to  an  asset.  If  I  don’t  pay,  bank  take   the  asset   Pledge   Preaumption   ...