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Important dates María Llanos Teaching guide 5.
6 April 1814. Napoleon abdicates.
1814-1815. Congress of Vienna.
18 June 1815. Battle of Waterloo.
1820. Colonel Riego’s Revolt at Cabezas de San Juan.
1820-1823. Liberal Triennium (Spain).
9 December 1824. Battle of Ayacucho. End of Spanish presence in the Americas.
26 December 1825. The Decembrist Revolt in Saint Petersburg.
1830. Revolution in Paris and July Monarchy.
7 June 1832. Lord Grey’s Electoral Reform Law in England.
29 September 1833. Death of Fernando VII of Spain. Regency of Maria Cristina (1833-1840).
1839. Opium Wars.
1848. Revolutions in Sicily, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, etc.
January 1850. Prussia’s constitution.
1861. Proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy.
September 1862. Bismarck heads the Council of Ministers.
1866. The Austrians are defeated by the Prussians at Sadowa.
19 September 1868. Glorious Revolution in Spain. Dethronement of Queen Isabella II.
2 September 1870. French defeat at the Battle of Sedan.
January 1871. Proclamation of the Second Reich March-May 1871. Paris Commune.
20 March 1890. Bismarck resigns.
1892. Creation of the alliance between France and Russia (Entente).
1893. US gets to Hawaii.
1898. Spain loses Cuba and the Philippines against the US.
1899-1901. Boxer rebellion in China.
1904-1905. Russo-Japanese War.
1905. Soviet revolution, creation of the soviets.
1906. First Russian Constitution.
Important dates María Llanos 1912. The Titanic sinks.
28 June 1914. Murdered of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, in Sarajevo.
1916. Battle of Verdun.
6 April 1917. US declares war on Germany.
3 March 1918. Treaty Brest Litovsk.
11 November 1918. Signature of the Armistice (Compiègne).
Teaching guide 6.
January 1919. Spartacist Revolution.
March 1919. Foundation of Kommintern.
28 June 1919. Treaty of Versailles.
July 1919. Weimar Constitution.
October 1922. March on Rome (Mussolini).
December 1922. Creation of the Soviet Union.
January 1924. Death of Lenin.
June 1924. Assassination of Matteotti.
1927. Stalin seizes power (XV Congress of the SUCP).
October 1929. Wall Street crisis.
1932. First election of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the US.
January 1933. Hitler is appointed chancellor.
March 1933. Enabling Act.
July 1934. Night of the Long Knives.
1936. Beginning of the Moscow trials (Stalin’s Great Purges).
March 1938. Austrian Anschluss.
September 1938. Munich Agreement (Sudetenland).
August 1939. Non-Aggression Pact between Hitler and Stalin.
1 September 1939. German’s invasion of Poland. Beginning of WWII.
7 September 1939. Russian invasion of Poland.
April-May 1940. Katyn Massacre.
June 1941. The Wehrmacht invades Russia.
Important dates María Llanos December 1941. Pearl Harbor.
January 1942. Wansee Conference.
January 1943. Von Paulus surrenders at Stalingrad.
July 1943. Mussolini is dismissed.
6 June 1944. Landing of the Allies at Normandy.
7 May 1945. Unconditional surrender of Germany.
August 1945. Atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Teaching guide 7.
1947. Marshall Plan.
24 June 1948. Beginning of the Berlin Blockade (until 12 May 1949). Berlin Airlift.
4 April 1949. Creation of NATO.
8 May 1949. Basic Law for Federal Republic of Germany.
1 October 1949. Mao proclaims People’s Republic of China.
25 June 1950-27 July 1953. Beginning of Korea War.
5 March 1953. Death of Stalin.
13 March-7 May 1954. Defeat of Dien Bien Phu. End of French presence in Indochina, proclamation of Vietnam Republic.
14-25 February 1956. 20th Congress of the CPSU. End of Stalinism (Krushchev).
23 October 1956. Beginning of the Hungarian Revolt (until USSR military invasion, 10 November).
1 January 1959. Triumph of Cuban Revolution (Fidel Castro).
13 August 1961. Beginning of building of the Berlin Wall (until 1989).
16-28 October 1962. Missile crisis in Cuba.
22 November 1963. Assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
1964-1975. Vietnam War.
1966. Beginning of the Cultural Revolution in China.
9 October 1967. Ernesto Che Guevara is killed in Bolivia.
5 January 1968. Beginning of the Prague Spring. Until USSR military invasion (21 August).
May 1968. Revolution in Paris.
1968-1969. Charles de Gaulle president of France.
29 March 1973. US withdraw from Vietnam.
Important dates María Llanos 11 September 1973. Military coup in Chile against Allende.
9 August 1974. President Nixon resigns for avoiding impeachment after the Watergate’s Scandal.
17 April 1975. Fall of Phnom Penn. The Khmer Rouge revolution in Cambodia. Beginning of Pol Pot’s genocide.
20 November 1975. Death of Franco in Madrid.
9 September 1976. Death of Mao Tse Tung.
1978. Den Xiao Ping opens up Chinese economy to capitalism (Market Socialism).
4 November 1979. Beginning of the Iran Hostage crisis (until 20 January 1981).
3 December 1979. Ayatollah Khomeini becomes the supreme leader of Iran’s Islamic Republic.
First Islamic radical state.
10 May 1981. François Mitterrand becomes the first socialist President of the French Vth Republic until 17 May 1995.
1985. Gorbachev comes to power in the Soviet Union.
15 April-4 June 1989. Tiananmen Square revolt in China.
9 November 1989. Fall of the Berlin Wall.
31 August 1990. Unification Treaty of Germany.
December 1991. Extinction of the Soviet Union (created in 1922).
11 September 2001. Islamic terrorism hits the US.
11 March 2004. Terrorist attack in Madrid.
22 November 2005. First election of Angela Merkel as German Chancellor.
2008. First election of Barack Obama (president from 20 January 2009).
11 May 2010. David Cameron is the British Prime Minister.
18 September 2014. Scottish referendum for independence.
7 January 2015. Two radical Islamists killed 11 persons and injured another 11 belonging to the staff of the satirical weekly Newspaper Charlie Hebdo.
13 November 2015. Simultaneous Islamic terrorist attacks in Paris killed 130 persons.