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ANDREA LARA ROMERO Thursday, February 11, 2016 20/02/2016 Apple: Iphone Apple was a company proud of being purely American, however in the production of Iphone they decided to outsource National Differences in Political Economy Collectivism The first decision is usually the control over the energy and army, in order to create a totalitarian regime as the case of Venezuela.
Global economy In general, after embracing liberal economic principles, incomes tend to increase within a state.
Ukraine is an example in which globalization has proved negative consequences. The pharmaceutical industry and patents is a problem in developing countries where people cannot access to the medication because of the high prices and the barrier posed by the patents to provide cheaper medications. In India, this industry has nationalized.
In the United States, income increased among the least favored population about 0,5% and among the poor 1,5%; while in Europe the figures were approximately 1,4% and 2% correspondingly.
“OXFAM says wealth of the richest 1% equal to other 99%” This study was mistaken because the source (Global Wealth report) was mainly based on regressions and does not include nonfinancial data.
Paying 40% more than the actual price of something, cost of production, contributes to the financial bubble.
Consumption in America contributes to the financial bubble because internal market, why is Europe paying the burden? 33% of financial bubbles is in our hands. The main difference is that consumption in America is higher. The bubble in Europe is re-payed in the society (welfare state). The only solution for sure, to prevent another financial bubble explosion is to reduce the gap between the real cost of a product and what is payed.
Sustainability Triple bottom line The best screws come from Spain Worl´s population could live in Spain in Hong Kong´s density population rate.
ANDREA LARA ROMERO Thursday, February 11, 2016 Globalization of Health Care 1. Is it possible to relocate any kind of product nowadays? What can be affected by this reallocation? Not everything can be relocated, as those products that involve the consumer in which the product is the delivered as it is produced. Not all the procedures or parts of the service can be relocated. The consumer is “relocated” traveling to another country to receive the surgery, for example. When reallocation is related to services it is usually known as dispersion.
2. Do developed countries workers have anything to say? Is it fair? This is not a moral question, it is about business, and nothing would come back to prior state 3. Is services reallocation a society reaction or a market reaction? 4. How these pracices benefit consumers? And to developing economies workers? Spain needs to change, because the future is on services, not brute work.