Esquema Autores (2015)

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Universidad Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
Grado Estudios Ingleses: Lengua, Literatura y Cultura - 4º curso
Asignatura Literatura Canadiense en Lengua Inglesa
Año del apunte 2015
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Fecha de subida 09/02/2015
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‘Roughing it in the Bush’ or Life in Canada (1852) Susanna Moodie ‘Life in the Clearings versus the Bush’ (1853 E.J. PRATT Pioneers Memoirs "The Shark" Poetry Between the Wars Catharine Parr Trail "Heirloom" KLEIN "The Lonely Land" “Tantramar Revisited” A.J. SMITH Charles G. D. Roberts "Sea Cliff" Canadian Authors "The City of the End of Things‟ THE MONTREAL GROUP Archibald Lampman The Confederation Poets "Heat‟ "The Canadian Authors Meet" F.R. SCOTT "Winter Evening" "At the Cedars" "All the Spikes but the Last" "The Secret Doctrine of Women" DOROTHY LIVESAY Duncan C. Scott Modernist Poetry "The Onondanga Madonna" "Green Rain" "Day and Night" 'Arras’ "The Forsaken‟ Stephen Leacock P. K. PAGE ‘Stories of Snow' "The Marine excursion of the Knights of Pythias‟ ‘The Country North of Belleville' "Watching and Waiting" Morley Callaghan "Barometer Rising" Hugh MacLennan "The Runaway" Sinclair Ross Early and Middle 20th Century Fiction AL PURDY ‘Wilderness Gothic' ...