Control theory and illegal drug trade (2016)

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Grado Criminología + Derecho - 2º curso
Asignatura Teorías criminológicas
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So what factors of the Social Control Theory would be able to explain the criminal phenomenon mentioned above? You will know the answer of this question as soon as we explain our logical hypothesis:

Vista previa del texto Guillem Campillo Illegal drug trade and Social control theory The criminal phenomenon that our group have chosen is a really famous one: illegal drug trade, a global black market focused on the production, manufacture, distribution and sale of any kind of illegal drugs. Illegal drug trade, trafficking of illegal drugs or simply drug dealing, is one of the illegal business which generates more earnings worldwide. The United Nations, stated that in 2003, drug dealing had generated approximately 320 Billion dollars. Furthermore, it must be said, that such illegal activity it’s not really problematic for what itself represents but for all the violent crime that this business is attached too. In our project we are going to focus not in massive illegal drug trade societies such as the famous South American cartels but in more local small drug dealing (usually dealing with drugs such as marihuana), which takes place not only in the third world but also in advanced occidental societies, including among them our society too. In addition, our work will be centered on drug dealing among antisocial youngsters which for one reason or other, have entered such troublesome world. Moreover, we will pay strong attention to all kind of violent crimes that these teenagers commit due to their involvement in the illegal drug trade world.
So what factors of the Social Control Theory would be able to explain the criminal phenomenon mentioned above? You will know the answer of this question as soon as we explain our logical hypothesis: Our hypothesis suggests that teenagers which start to deal with drugs, do it due to the lack of attachment and due to the possession of wrong beliefs. These two factors will cause sooner or later the disappearance of social involvement and commitment. Both first factors could be explained by the fact that these individuals haven’t had parents acting like role models (alcohol or drug addicts, violent methods, usual and hard arguments, etc.) so they haven’t learned neither an acceptable way of social behavior or moral beliefs, with which act and relate following the social values. Consequently, they don’t feel bonded to the social order and they act according to their own rules or their group of friends’ rules, which commonly are quite different from the legal and official rules. These kind of people don’t feel like their house is their home so they spend a lot of time in the streets looking for one. They will soon find individuals in a similar situation than them, forming problematic groups which will get along with groups of older guys who will show them ways to win easy money such as drug dealing. In no time, these antisocial individuals will fully enter the criminal world, which they won’t leave easy because they will consider their friends their new family, the streets their new home and the drug dealing their new job and responsibility. For once in their life they will fill important and they will like that, a lot. Shortly afterwards these individuals will start getting into fights, with rival gangs for instance, committing violent crimes. All these factors will produce lots of encounters with the police forces and legal system, which will soon cause the social labelling of these individuals, being widely known as delinquents. Both, the illegal activities and the social labelling, will force young drug dealers to abandon their life aspiration such as going to college and getting a respectable job. Same thing will happen with meaningful activities such as sports or cultural ones.
In conclusion our hypothesis summed would be something like: teenagers start dealing with drugs as a consequence of the lack of parents acting as role models (dysfunctional family), which should teach them moral and social values (No attachment, wrong beliefs).
Entering the criminal world will make them lose any kind of involvement and commitment too. These factors will create an individual completely disconnected with the society and its values, becoming totally a criminal.
Graphically visualized: No parents acting like role models No attachment, wrong beliefs Criminal world ( drug dealing ) Other kinds of offending + social labelling No commitement No involvement ...