Unit 03. Online Public Relations and online branding. The conversation. (2017)

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Universidad Universidad Pompeu Fabra (UPF)
Grado Publicidad y Relaciones Públicas - 2º curso
Asignatura Analysis of Interactive Digital Communication
Profesor C.S.
Año del apunte 2017
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[En anglès] Les Relacions Públiques online i el branding online. La conversa.
De l'assignatura Anàlisi de la Comunicació Digital Interactiva.

[En inglés] Relaciones Públicas online y branding online. La conversación.
De la asignatura Análisis de la Comunicación Digital Interactiva.

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tiglesias Més apunts del grau a: https://unybook.com/perfil/tiglesias/apuntes Publicitat i Relacions Públiques Analysis of Interactive Digital Communication Universitat Pompeu Fabra UNIT 03. ONLINE PUBLIC RELATIONS AND ONLINE BRANDING The conversation Online Public Relations. New strategies and formats The key concept was the conversation. A transition from a monologue to the conversation.
The old days will never come back. Everything has changed, so this is a radical situation for the traditional advertisement. Media is not a line, a sequence. Is a net where everything is connected.
The networks are alive. Is like our brains, with information going from one place to another.
The centrality of the user experience is now in online advertising. It also is moving to the real world.
A conversation The idea of conversation. It was a radical change, a big movement, in the advertising. You don’t control any more what it’s said about the product, you’re just a one more actor in this conversation.
Everybody talks.
The Web 2.0 With the Web 1.0, advertising used the traditional broadcasting. In 2005 was introduced the concept of the Web 2.0, a series of new platforms with a new structure of communication. An example is the wiki technology, that allows the user to change the webpages. Wikipedia was born as a professional encyclopedia. They decided to open the web to everybody, which was a revolution and changed everything.
Blogs were the new media in 2000, but it was in 1994 when the first personal pages with links appeared (blogroll).
Online branding. Designing worlds in interactive environments The connection between storytelling and brands is not new.
Brands and narrative worlds From the perspective of the semiotics (Semprini), the brands are capable of producing a discourse, creating a meaning and transmitting it to consumers.
The interpretation contract (cooperation) between the company and the prosumers, according to Eco, is based on the fact that the first proposes a set of values and consumers accept (or not) to become part of the brand’s world.
Online branding: how to create a brand narrative world in interactive environments You don’t spend a lot of time in Google’s search engine. More time is a failure.
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