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INTERVIEW “The city council does not make it easy when it comes to opening a business” By SANDRA SANCHEZ ATIENZA th Monday, March 13 , 2017 SPAIN, Madrid Sonia Montero, worker since her youth, opens the doors of her herbalist “Sonia Natura”. This pioneering business in La Poveda offers therapeutic formula extracts, organic herbs and oils and a variety of products without any chemical additives.
The establishment, situated on Montealegre Street 3 in La Poveda (Arganda del Rey) is run by Sonia Montero, a herbalist who assures that she can transform a selection of plants into the most beneficial and effective medicines. Both adults and teenagers attend to this herbalist for medical advice and usually, it offers great seasonal discounts.
How did you begin with this business? The basic reason that led me to set up my own business was basically not having to work for anyone. Tired of bearing the burden of having a boss and not being able to do things my way, I decided to start this business. It is true that, at first, I had great uncertainties about the future of the store since it was something new that people were not used to seeing but, over time, I gained confidence and I started to have a very close relationship with clients. The result has been positive.
Who are your main clients? My main clients are all those people who are not satisfied with the traditional medicine. They prefer to acquire herbal medicine because it is less expensive and can be bought without a prescription.
Why did you choose this area to locate your business? I chose this area to locate my business since I live a little less than 100 meters from the store. At the same time, this type of service did not exist in La Poveda, so I saw a great opportunity to start the business.
Sonia Montero at her establishment on Montealegre Street in La Poveda What are the difficulties you are facing? Without any doubts, the principal difficulty was the economic crisis.
During those years, my profits decreased considerably, although I had a group of ‘faithful clients’, as I used to call them, that continued opting for this store.
Nowadays, the obstacle that I face is the Journalistic communication (Group 45) INTERVIEW clientele. The store is located in a small area, in which there is not much movement of people so I have to have a lot of patience and assist those who come in the best possible way.
Facade of “Sonia Nature” Have you received any monetary assistance from the city council to open your business? Quite the opposite. I have not had any help. My manager is looking for any kind of monetary assistance although I still have no news of it. Also, when I refer to the opposite, I mean that the city council does not make it easy when it comes to opening a business. Instead, all are impediments.
How do you value the progress of your business? In general, my assessment is positive. It is true that the store has been open to public for only 9 months so I cannot precisely predict what will happen in a few months.
What do you expect from the near future? I do not expect to become a millionaire because that would be a utopia but I do hope to continue living from my business in a few years.
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