Street Art - Symbols and Rights - Reading and Writing Practice (2017)

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Sandra Moreno Saez THE CHARGING BULL AND THE FEARLESS GIRL The text we have read before talks about a famous statue in New York City, the Charging Bull. The artist who created it, Arturo Di Modica, is complaining about a new statue placed in front of him’s, called the Fearless Girl.
Because of a global stock market crash, Arturo made a statue, which costed him 350,000 dollars, and placed it in the Financial District without permission. He did it because He wanted the statue to represent the “the strength and power of the American people”, the police tried to remove it but finally it stayed where Arturo did it.
In March 7th of this year, a girl appeared in front of the bull facing it. The girl, called the Fearless Girl, has a plaque that reads “Know the power of women in leadership. SHE makes a difference”. Modica wants this sculpture is removed and he is being criticised for that. The meaning that Arturo wanted to express with the Charging Bull catch sense when the girl was placed, Kristen Visbal, his sculptor, says: “She’s not angry at the bull —she’s confident, she knows what she’s capable of, and she’s wanting the bull to take note”.
I personally think that the Charging Bull does not represent what the sculptor wanted to express, like the Fearless Girl. If they are alone, they do not represent what they should, but if they are together the express so many things. We can have the perspective of the strength and power of the American people, but we can also see the perspective of a woman been fearless, feeling confident about what she does and it represents a group of people which is indiscriminate and we should fight for their rights, the women.
About the words of Arturo Di Modica, I think that he has not have reason. If the Fearless Girl had not been placed there, he would not express what he pretended, the same that has been happening for many years ago. When the Fearless Girl was placed, all things matched and both statues could represent what they should have done and they added two different perspectives that are good in our time.
My solution to the problem should be: not to move any of the statues from the place where they are. If Arturo do not allow the Fearless Girl to stay in front of the Charging Bull, the society should buy it, because it represents so many important values to our society, and in the case that Kristen do not want it too, I think both should be bought and placed where they are, not just because they express good things, because it is a representation of street art.