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FEATURE ARTICLE Good vibes and a roller coaster of feelings arising during the past charitable concert By SANDRA SANCHEZ ATIENZA th Monday, April 17 , 2017 The charitable concert held in the well-known discotheque Mitty took place the past 31st of March in Madrid. This concert is not the first place someone would look forward to find and listen to famous artists because, indeed, the duet ‘Arnau Griso’ made their debut that day. But what happened that Friday night when the four musical groups stood on the stage was simply magic. The only drawback was the lack of space that impeded a larger crowd from witnessing this event.
The concert began with The Downies, a group of four ordinary girls that like to play country music. I did not count on them because they did not appear in the flyer containing all the information of the concert, and neither was the audience expecting them. But, since the moment they began to sing their first song ‘Welcome to Paradise’, there was an immediate response of good vibes in us. The similar and catchy rhythm, along with the simple lyrics in all their songs gave me a feeling of familiarity towards this group of girls that were not yet considered to be famous. Something that contributed to cause this emotion in me was the happiness that they spread. The fact of knowing that most people did not know their folk and blues songs did not stop them from giving the best of them. After ten minutes and without noticing it, I turned around and realized that they managed to do something incredible. The crowd was no longer in silence and watching those unknown faces; instead, we were in a country party atmosphere that lasted for the following 30 minutes.
After them, the most anxiously awaited singer-songwriter took the stage. She, the voice, the mind and the guitar of the precious project of La otra creates mainly anticapitalist, demanding and feminist music.
Previously to sing one of her hits ‘Contigo’, she told us how she started to immerse herself in the music world. She began to write out of necessity a few years ago, on the occasion of some crisis of solitude. She realized that it was good for her to heal, and since then she had been in the habit of cleaning her wounds with music. Something that Journalistic communication (Group 45) FEATURE ARTICLE she certainly transmitted while singing is that the way in which today’s society is organized hurts in a thousand ways that cross the personal. So for an hour, we went from a countryside kind of environment to a vindicatory one. The fresher and closer approach of her songs achieved the emanation of another emotion in me: nonconformity. La otra’s hope was that each one of the attendants could identify with her through her style or aesthetics and, from my point of view, she fully achieved her objective.
Then came the moment when I saw and could hear to my favorite group ‘Arnau Griso’.
What's more, I consider myself fortunate to have attended to their first concert. The members of this musical group are Arnau Blanch and Eric Griso, two men whose main goal is to spread happiness. It is true that at first they looked a little nervous since they are not accustomed to giving concerts but, as time passed, they felt comfortable since they received a positive response from all of us.
One of the best moments of the night happened when they sang ‘Para que el mundo lo vea’. In that moment, the only thing that could be seen from the audience were smiles loaded with joy and energy.
Juan Gómez Canca, artistically known as ‘El Kanka’ was the last artist that plunged into this roller coaster of feelings. Subsequent to his experience with the group ‘Doctor Desastre’, he started his solo career in 2007, having so much success that nowadays he is considered one of the best members of the new generation of Spanish songwriters. This artist has achieved numerous collaborations thanks to his role and promotion through the internet. Carmen Boza, Guevara and Rozalén are some examples. With all this being said it was not surprising that people, including myself, went crazy screaming his name the moment he set his foot on stage. His simplicity and cheerfulness are the key factors in his way of singing. After making a few jokes he began to play the guitar while singing the sentimental song ‘Con Las Ganas’. A series of 10 or more songs belonging to his three albums ‘Lo mal que estoy y lo poco que me quejo’, ‘El día de suerte de Juan Gómez’ and ‘De pana y rubí’ followed. Without counting on the fact that he is from Malaga, it seemed as if we were in an Andalusion show due to the fun that he gave off. During his stay on stage, everyone was dancing Journalistic communication (Group 45) FEATURE ARTICLE and having fun since this artist made us forget our problems, as significant as they might be.
I definitely recommend all of us to attend to this kind of small shows that are full of liveliness because apart from enjoying the experience of listening to artists that you like you contribute to a good cause since half of the entry fee (in this case 13 €) are destined to homeless people. Certainly, I take this experience for a lifetime for the set of emotions that I felt because, as Helen Keller said “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart”.
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