6 White Collar Crime (2016)

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David Carmona Florez Criminological Lenguage White Collar Crime Weekly assignment 6 This is an extract of the book “White Collar Crime”, which was written by Edwin Sutherland 1949.
A White Collar Crime can be defined as a violation of the law which is committed by people with high socioeconomic status during their occupation, so it excludes the crimes that they could commit in their free time. It is not considered a criminal act in field of criminology and this offence is dealt by the administration and not by the penal system but, as we can read, they are as frequent as other crimes.
“Ordinary” crimes, in appearance, seem to be committed by poor people with a low socioeconomic status. But white collar crimes are committed by wealthy and respectable people with a high socioeconomic status. Even though a white collar crime has not a big impact on society, for example like a crime, it causes distrust and social disorganization.
A very important difference between “ordinary” crimes and white collar ones is that white collar offenders have more powerful politically and financially, so they can employ skilled attorneys and they usually escape arrest and conviction, but the biggest part of common offender is judged and sent to prison.
In my opinion, we should be careful with white collar crimes and law, in this aspect, must be harder because criminals should be punished and no matter their socioeconomic status or the attorneys they can hire.