7 Victimization of ethnic minorities (2016)

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David Carmona Florez Criminological Lenguage Victimization of ethnic minorities Weekly assignment 7 “Race, crime and criminal justice” is a chapter of “Criminology”, a book written by Tim Newburn in 2007.
The texts says that there has always been a link between ethnic minorities and crimes, but recent studies shows that these groups are more likely to became victims of assaults than others.
Asians, for example, are in a bigger risk of crime than others. Black and whites are in a similar danger. Ethnic minorities have more probabilities of suffering personal crime but white people are in a higher risk of being victims of household crime. These studies also show that people of mixed ethnic origin are in a higher danger of victimization.
If we talk about their fear of crime we have to mention that ethnic minority groups are more worried about it than white ones, but, maybe, this is because they live in inner-city areas, where crime is higher too.
“Hate crimes” are these ones which are committed against someone in order to offend or hurt the victim, only because of a skin colour, religion, beliefs or sexual orientation that the offender hates. In 1993, after the murder of Stephen Lawrence, the Home Secretary wanted to introduce a new criminal offence of “racial violence”. After some modifications, a racist incidence is defined as “any incident which is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person”. This kind of crime is, fortunately, punished by the legislation.