9 Minority ethnic groups and jobs (2016)

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David Carmona Florez Criminological Lenguage Minority ethnic groups and jobs Weekly assignment 9 In this chapter we could see that there is an under-representation of minority ethnic groups in criminal justice agencies. There are some reasonable causes for this fact: In many places some racist acts are committed, as the BBC programme “Secret Policeman” has demonstrated in 2003 with an undercover reporter. Because of that many people of minority ethnic groups think that this kind of work is not attractive, they are afraid of suffering discrimination or, maybe, to have to refuse their cultural identity in order to fit in.
We have also the fact that it is more difficult for these groups to be promoted than the majority ones. Why have they to make an effort to get a job in which they will be discriminated and in which they will not be promoted? Because of that, even when they reach these kinds of jobs, they are more likely to leave them than white people.
Although that under-representation of minority groups in criminal justice agencies, there is over-policing and the social security is not in proportion with the number of agents because there is also under-protection.
I think that we can try to solve these problems first with a correct education of our children, because it is very important that they learn about equality. Another solution is to be careful in the process of selection of the people who work in criminal justice agencies, to hire only people without racial beliefs. We can also try to integrate more minority groups in different works and, obviously, improve the relationship with the majority ones by making conferences and collective activities with which white people could interact with minority ethnic groups and see that there are no differences between they and these groups.