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una història feta a classe sobre l'educació, preparació de l'essay

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ENGLISH HORRIBLE STORY Once upon a time in a elementary school of the barcelona called "Garbiñe". In this school happened a horrible story for a group of children. This group went to the fourth classes and his life changed this day.
The pupils were very scared. Anthony, Kate, Meeghan and Willy were the most bold and started to investigate in the hours of the playground who kidnaped the books of the class.
Then, the pupils started the investigation for know who had been the thief of the books, but anybody had seen anything. In his moment, the pupils were disappointed because they won't found the thief. Suddenly Kate remembered one thing important.
Kate recommended to do a analisi of the security cameras and all the school can saw that Anthony and Willy had taked the books and burned it. Meeghan was very angry with the two boys and cut their tongues. With this action the boys never said a lie.