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Universidad Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña (UPC)
Grado Administración y Dirección de Empresas - 2º curso
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TEAM BUILDING Vicente Castán de Lima Josep Reig Palau Héctor Vilaseca Aguilar What is needed to build a good team? 1. Good communications with participants as team members and individuals 2. Increased department productivity and creativity 3. Team members motivated to achieve goals 4. A climate of cooperation and collaborative problem-solving 5. Higher levels of job satisfaction and commitment 6. Higher levels of trust and support 7. Diverse co-workers working well together 8. Clear work objectives 9. Better operating policies and procedures Agenda Date: May 15, 2014 9:30 to 11:00 Location: Barcelona Attendees: High members of the company Objective: Meet together to decide which is the best activity to improve teamwork and motivation of our employees.
Agenda 9:30-11:00 Discussion of the possible activity and choose the best one.
11:00-13:00 Prepare the agenda for the team building.
13:00-13:30 Distribute the roles of the activity.
ACTIVITY BARBECUE + DIFFERENT ACTIVITIES ADVANTAGES ● Develop communication: They have to speak together to take some decisions and do some activities, and everybody is going to talk.
● Manage time: There are some activities in certain time, this will learn to maximize the time they are given.
● Strategize: They have to cooperate and select what is the best form to do something, thinking about it and then realising it.
● Personal responsibility: Sometimes one activity depends on one person, the group has to accept it, and try to prove that that person has done in the best way possible, and the group supporting it no matter what.
● Creativity: Thinking new ideas to surprise everyone.
● Have fun: It´s important the everyone enjoys every activity.
● Work in group: Work together it´s important to take decisions and learn to work with others and take full advantage of all.
● Competition: Be competitive it´s the best form to improve ourselves, it´s important to make them see that competition is healthy.
DISADVANTAGES ● Maybe conflicts: Everywhere there is always conflict, it is normal fights are generated, but must be controlled, so as not to upset at work.
● Expensive: There are always some who complain about the price, and there will be others that might please pay them is not good.
● Informal relationships between workmates: Attraction between men and women is inevitable, it could happen.
● Special Menus: For diabetics, vegetarian, celiacs...
PRACTICAL ISSUES AGENDA OF THE DAY, TO SEE THE ACTIVITIES AND THE CONCLUSION We think that sending our employees to this barbecue team building activity it´s important to improve their relationships and eventually it will be increased work efficiency.
10:00 Take the bus at the company (punctuality) 11:00 Arrive to the campus in Louisiana 11:30 Explanation of the activities. Make teams 12:00 Start to prepare the barbecue 13:30 Lunch. During the lunch everyone have to say something about themselves and their work experiences.
15:30 Free time/Coffee time 16:00 Activities.To guess movies in pairs.
17:00 Sport activities (football, basketball, volleyball, badminton…).
18:00 Icebreaker. In groups of five: Each member of the group has to explain their best experience of last year.
19:00 Motivational video to get back to work with enthusiasm.
19:45 Take the bus to return.
20:45 If you want in the Cocktail bar you have free pass and discounted drinks.
CONCLUSION We think our activity is a good way to help our employees to be more creative, known better each other and work as a team.