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Examen Inglés
Universidad Universidad de Barcelona (UB)
Grado Administración y Dirección de Empresas - 1º curso
Asignatura Historia Economia Mundial
Año del apunte 2017
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World Economic History (17th June 2016) Compulsory Questions: 1. Identify and explain ONE main difference between the British and the USA’s Industrialization.
2. According to R. C. Allen, one of the main obstacles for industrialization relies in a low wage structure. Explain why and give one historical example of that.
Optional Questions (answer only one if you follow the continuous assessment): 3. Why the colonial heritage was so detrimental for most of the African countries? 4. Which was the main demographical difference among different regions in America in the colonial era? What consequences did that have to the future independent countries? 5. What is the role of the State in the so-called “Big Push” industrialization? ...