Essay exam (2014)

Examen Inglés
Universidad Universidad de Barcelona (UB)
Grado Maestro en Educación Primaria - 1º curso
Asignatura ENGLISH
Año del apunte 2014
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La meva essay a l'examen d'anglès. Corregida

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Firstly I think that many people think at least once in life to study abroad. this situation is given by the crisis and the few opportunities to find a job in our country. For that reason the people finally chooses to leave this country and take experience with other language. In my opinion have more advantages than disadvantages.
On the one hand when you have to study in the abroad you have to leave the parents, the brothers or sisters, the friends and the couple in other country. the feeling of loneliness is hard such as miss your bride. Furthermore, you would be difficult to communicate with people from college because you do not have the same level of language as them.
On the other hand you can pick a level that other people in your country won't have. This condition gives you advantage in a job. For instance, when you need to speak several languages, go to live and study abroad they allows it. Apart from this, you can disconnect from your old life and write your new life.
To sum up, I believe that study in the abroad brings you another opportunity and if you want acquire more languages do it. The stay abroad can be an unforgettable experience.